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Singapore-based flight school for the young and the old.

Aeroaviation believes that you are never too old to learn to fly. With Areoaviation’s Recreational Pilot’s Program (RPC Program), aspiring aviators can obtain their pilot license and fulfil their dreams of soaring through the skies in a more cost-effective way.


What Is Recreational Pilot’s Program (RPC Program)

Areoviation’s RPC Program helps students get their Recreational Pilot’s Certificate, which is the ideal starting point for Pilot Training.

Your training begins here in Singapore with a flight simulator, and when you are ready, you will head over to Australia to fly a Light-Sport Aircraft!

Whether you’re training for fun or for a career in aviation, Recreational Pilot Certificate is your first goal.

Why choose Aeroviation?

Hybrid Training Model

Complete your theoretical and simulation training in Singapore before advancing to actual flight training in Australia to reduce your overseas costs

More Effective Training through Flight Simulation

When you fly for real, it’s possible to miss instructions amidst all the multi-tasking and stress. Flight simulation allows the instructor to pause the simulation to tell you what went wrong. It also enables you to take a step back, digest the pointers from the instructors before trying again. This is a more effective way to learn

One of the First Flight Schools in Singapore

Students from newer flight schools often face the issue of different lingo being used in Singapore versus what is used in Australia. Through years of experience, Aeroviation has smoothen out the training process to ensure a seamless transition from Singapore to Australia

Ever thought of what true "freedom" feels like?

The closest word to describing what flying a plane feels like is “freedom”.

When you fly, it is as if all your problems are left on the ground. You would be so busy flying the aircraft, enjoying the view, and listening to the radio, that many of life’s problems suddenly disappear when you’re up in the air.

Aeroviation’s Pilot Program

Recreational Pilot Program (RPC Program) 

Recreational Pilot's Certificate (RPC) program is - a perfect first step for pilot training. It's efficient, cost-effective, and counts towards higher licenses. Learn to fly for fun or a career!

The new legislation recognises the RPC as the equivalent to a Recreational Pilot License.

You start your flight training in a light-sport aircraft (LSA). The hours in a LSA count directly towards a Recreational Pilot License (RPL), Private Pilot License (PPL) and towards a Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

PHASE 1 - SINGAPORE (SGD$4,150 in total)

  • Duration: 3 months

  • 40 hours of Ground Studies (2.5 hours | 2 sessions/week | 7:30 pm-10:00 pm)

  • 20 hours of Flight Simulator sessions (2 hours per session)

  • Additional flight simulation session @ SGD$120/hr

PHASE 2 - AUSTRALIA (SGD$12,500 in total)

  • All-inclusive package (Flight, Accommodation, Transportation, etc.)

  • Actual Flight Training (additional actual flight training @ SGD$250/hr)

  • Flying sessions will be based on weather conditions

  • Five Theory Exam Papers & Flight Test!

Note: An instalment plan is available.

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Ready to embark on your aviation journey?

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