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An online marketplace and information provider for fishkeeping, offering a wide range of aquarium-related products and services designed to help you and your loved ones in starting fishkeeping as a hobby.


What Is Fishkeeping and Why Start This Hobby?

Fishkeeping is the practice of keeping fish as pets, typically in an aquarium or a fish tank, and ensuring they have a suitable environment to thrive. It can range from small, simple setups with a single fish to elaborate, large tanks filled with a diverse array of fish, plants, and other aquatic organisms.

One of the major concerns for the elderly is their mental health and wellness, including issues such as loneliness and depression. Engaging in a hobby like fishkeeping might be able to help combat these issues.

Benefits of FishKeeping

Mental Wellness​

Fight loneliness, depression, stress and boost your mental health with a new passion and companion.

Beautify Your Home, Entertain Your Guests

Your fishes and tanks are great conversation starters to engage and excite the young, the adult and the old.  

Appreciate, treasure & enjoy nature together.

Low Maintenance Companion

Talk to them or gaze and admire them. Fishes are your quiet and less physically demanding buddies.

Why Choose FishyHub?

One-Stop Shop

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced aquarium enthusiast, you can purchase all aquarium-related items you need on one platform. Other services include, qquarium designing, delivery to your doorstep, tank installation and set up, aquascaping, cleaning & maintenance, 24/7 concierge service, and more!

Personalized Recommendations

Get personalized recommendations for fish species and aquarium products tailored to match your personality and tank preferences

Beginner Friendly

Offers hassle-free aquarium packages called 'adventure packs' designed for beginners, ensuring everything is set up correctly right from the start

How is fishkeeping suitable for elderlies?

Fishkeeping requires less commitment and is less physically demanding compared to keeping other pets like dogs, where you need to walk them regularly. However, one could still find companionship with fish, just like with any other pets.

Elderlies could enjoy fishkeeping as a hobby as it's something that's manageable at home.

FishyHub Products
(Aquarium Starter Packs)

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How It Works

  1. Go to FishyHub's website.

  2. Do a quiz to determine what you need & what's best for you

  3. Add items to your cart

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  5. Sit back, relax and wait for your fishes & related products to be delivered to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult for elderlies to maintain aquariums at home?

Depending on the size of the aquariums, the effort could vary. Elderlies could hire FishyHub maintenance service to help clean the aquariums. Click here for available maintenance services and remember to use the "IMMORTALIZE7" FishyHub discount code for 7% off all purchases (min. spend SG$50).

Does FishyHub sell any illegal fishes or aquatic animals?

No, FishyHub does not sell banned livestock such as axolotls.

Is fishkeeping ethical? 

Once people are more educated about how to care for fishes correctly, it can minimize the killing of fishes and provide a safe and happy environment for them, which is no different from owning any other pets. Fishkeeping can help people appreciate nature more, and subsequently, want to take better care of mother nature.

For more information about the ethical concerns surrounding fishkeeping, check out how FishyHub is helping to create a healthier aquarium ecosystem in this interview

FishyHub is a provider on Immortalize Marketplace.

Ready to start a new hobby and liven up your retirement life?

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