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Goldhill Memorial Centre

Singapore's first "smart" columbarium.

This sanctuary combines modern intelligence with treasured traditional values, providing families with a smart and convenient way to honor and remember their ancestors.


What Is A Smart Columbarium?

In traditional columbariums, locating niches can be challenging due to the layout featuring multiple blocks, levels, sections, and shelves of varying heights and orientations. Once located, the niches may be inconveniently positioned at awkward heights or low levels, making paying respects a somewhat awkward process. Furthermore, the act of paying respects lacks privacy, as it's done openly, creating discomfort for visitors.

In certain older temples, numerous black and white pictures are on display, often creating an unsettling ambience for many children. These encounters hinder the younger generation from forming a meaningful connection with their grandparents or ancestors.

To eliminate the many issues that exist in traditional columbariums, smart columbariums are introduced. These are modern spaces that offer a more welcoming and comforting atmosphere while still upholding the values and traditions associated with columbariums.

Why Choose Goldhill Memorial Centre?

Smart Technology

GMC’s fully automated system allows niches in the columbarium to be easily located by simply tapping a card and entering a password. Once located, niches are raised to eye level for comfortable viewing

Enhanced Privacy and Convenient Access

Easily reserve visiting times online and create personalized multimedia tributes for your ancestors, including photos and videos, in a private space. Enjoy a comfortable, serene and special memorial experience without disturbances

Incorporation of Feng Shui Elements

Feng shui elements such as water, earth, fire, metal, and wood, are incorporated into the building's design to ensure the well-being of the deceased and their descendants

Have you considered pre-planning your funeral?

Death is an inevitable part of life. Planning ahead ensures your loved ones know exactly what to do and avoid family disputes.

Pre-planning for a funeral is similar to writing a will, enabling you to effectively communicate your preferences and choices to your family while you are still able to do so. This reduces confusion, eases worries for your family, and minimizes unnecessary conflicts.

Goldhill Memorial Centre Products

Private Suite


(subjected to GST)

The Private Suites at Goldhill Memorial Centre offer an ideal atmosphere of peace and seclusion, providing families with the space to honor their cherished departed ones comfortably and privately. Its classic and delicate décor complements the elegant lighting and intricately sculpted walls to accommodate fulfilling and intimate moments of reminiscence.

Amenities Layout

• Ultimate privacy for smaller families

• Room capacity: Up to 9 pax

• 1 niche box holds up to 2 urns

• *Complimentary video montage

Goldhill Memorial Centre reserves the right to amend the price without prior notice.

VIP Family Suite


(subjected to GST)

The VIP Family Suites at Goldhill Memorial Centre offer the ideal setting for large families, providing a spacious environment where they can share intimate moments while cherishing their ancestral heritage and strengthening family ties. Furnished with a comfortable living room layout, this exclusive suite is dedicated to ensuring families enjoy a distinctive experience with each visit.

Amenities Layout

• Ultimate privacy for larger families

• Room capacity: Up to 30 pax

• 3 niche boxes hold up to 6 urns

• *Complimentary video montage

Goldhill Memorial Centre reserves the right to amend the price without prior notice.

Immortalize X Goldhill Memorial Centre Collab Details

Goldhill Memorial Centre is a provider on Immortalize Marketplace.

Not sure if a smart columbarium is the right choice for you?

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