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Immortalize X Corporate Employee Benefits

A new benefit that takes care of everyone and motivates employees to work better

What is Immortalize

Immortalize is an Elderhood marketplace & information provider. ​

We take care and help your employees plan for and deal with retirement, eldercare and legacy-related issues.

Things that we can help with include: 

Legacy - Will, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), Advanced Medical Directive (AMD), Advance Care Plan (ACP), Trust & SPVs, Probate & Administration, Estate Disputes, Funeral & Memorabilia, Professional Donee and Deputy, Insurance & Financial Advisors and more!

Retirement - Retirement experiences, retirement homes and more!

Eldercare - Tech gadgets for elderlies, care programs for sickeness common in elderlies and more!

Why Help Employees with their Elderhood

Be Inclusive & Provide a Benefit that Benefits Everyone

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Motivate Employees By Giving Them a Peace of Mind

Balancing Rocks

It's FREE!

Gift Wrapped

Why Choose Immortalize

Easy Breezy for Everyone

Whether you want to do it yourself or outsource the work, we got you covered.

Most Comprehensive

The true one-stop shop.


Immortalize is the only marketplace that works with partners across the full elderhood ecosystem.


From lawyers, doctors, financial planners to digital solutions and even funeral directors, we link up the different industries to give you full perspective on the decisions you make and the impact on other areas of your elderhood. 

Fair & Reliable

In this opaque market, we bring you information transparency so you know exactly what you are paying for.

How to Partner with Immortalize?

Educate your employees with Immortalize Corporate Talks

Basics of Elderhood Planning - Corporate talks.jpg

Contact us for more details on this and other corporate talks!

Want more?
Include Immortalize in your Employee Benefit Program

Immortalize as your company's Elderhood consultant

Refer any employee who needs to do ageing, retirement and legacy planning to Immortalize. We'll answer all their questions and guide them towards the right direction.  

Cost: Free

Sign up for Immortalize Prime for Corporates

Immortalize Prime is our personal assistant, concierge service where we manage and handhold employees through the full Elderhood planning and execution. 

Cost: Pay-per-use or annual fee with unlimited use, you decide.

Ready to engage?

Reach out to us or leave your contact and we'll get this partnership started.

Email us at

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Thank you! We'll reach out ASAP!

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