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Esports for Elderly

Silver Gamers, Golden Victories: Level Up Your Retirement

Esports is short for electronic sports.

It refers to the competitive playing of video games.

Esports has traditionally been a "younger generation thing". But with a suitable training program, seniors can easily pick up this new interest, make new friends, fight dementia and improve their mental agility. 

Why Participate in Esports?

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Improve Mental Agility

If you enjoy mahjong, chess or similar games for their critical thinking aspects, esports offers a similar depth of challenge.

Make New Friends

Communities naturally form around shared interest. Esports programs are like any other interest group or activity out there. 

The inherent team aspect of esports contributes to the natural bonding experience, as participants collaborate to achieve objectives, fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Connect with your family

Every younger generation knows and/or participates in esports. Know what the buzz is about, develop a common topic and help the younger generation connect better with you. 

Senior GO! Esports Program

How to Get Started?

Senior GO! Esports Program is a structured training program for seniors, designed to teach you the basics of the video game, Counter-Strike 2, followed by team training to prepare and enable you to compete with others.

Start your exciting journey into discovering Counter-Strike 2 in this 8-session program. Unleash teamwork skills, enhance communication, and explore different game roles. Join now for an enriching experience where you forge lasting bonds and unlock your competitive gaming potential!

Watch Senior GO! Esports Pilot Program

How can I join Senior GO! Esports Program?

Simply express your interest by filling out a quick form – it'll take just 10 minutes of your time!

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Indicate your interest

Details of Senior GO! Esports Program

The program is led by certified trainers from the Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association's (SCOGA) Esports Academy.

Brief Program Outline

8 weeks course duration (3 hours per session, once per week)

  • Introduction to Counter-Strike 2 and Aim Lab

  • Learn good habits essential to working in a team, and strengthen bonds between teammates via better communication and working together

  • Understanding the nuances of Counter-Strike 2 and personal interest in specific game roles

Experience an Esports tournament live (outside of the 8 weeks of training)

​Participate in an exhibition match at an upcoming event in November 2024


Register Now!


Seniors age 55 and above

Min. pax for course to commence

10 pax

Expected date for commencement

Mid February, 2024

Senior GO! Esports 
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