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Memorial Gemstone

Losing someone close to your heart is never easy.

It can leave a deep void that is difficult to fill.

Convert their ashes into a gemstone and keep your loved one close to you.

Singapore Casket, one of the largest one-stop funeral service providers in Singapore, offers a unique and personal way for you to remember your loved ones by transforming their ashes into memorial gemstones.

Why Choose Memorial Gemstones?

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Available Colors

The gemstones come in a variety of natural colors - white, grey or green. The hue of each gem is unique, reflecting the unique composition of elements in the cremated ashes.

For a more specialized color, you can also choose to create your Memorial Gemstone in ocean sapphire blue.

Keep Your Loved One Close To You Again

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Honor the Memory of a Loved One

Remember and honor the memory of a loved one with a meaningful and stunning keepsake that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Step 1

Book an appointment here with Singapore Casket for a free 60-minute consultation via video call or in-person meeting

Step 2

Once you and your family's needs and preferences are understood, Singapore Casket  will assist you with ash collection and creation of the memorial gemstone

Step 3

Collected ashes will go through a memorial gemstone transformation process

Step 4

In about 60-90 working days, you’ll receive your meaningful memorial gemstone

The Transformation Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my ashes be turned into a gem?

Yes, you can transform your ashes into gemstones where there is enough ashes to create one.

How much ashes are needed to make a Memorial Gemstone?

To make a Memorial Gemstone, you will need at least 15 grams of ashes. However, the exact amount needed can vary depending on the type of Memorial Gemstone.

How much does it cost to turn ashes into gemstones?

The price varies, depending on the type, shape, colour and size of your gemstone. Please check out the full price list here.

How long does it take to create a memorial gemstone from human ashes?

To transform ashes into a Gemstone, it requires approximately 60-90 working days.

How to maintain a Memorial Gemstone?

If you find that the sparkling on your Memorial Gemstone is dimming or lost, you can speak  to Singapore Casket here on how to get it restored.

Start creating a lasting memory of your loved ones

If you have a loving pet that you want to commemorate, embark on your healing journey here.

If you have any inquires about Memorial Gemstone, please reach out to us at

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