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Assistance for Estate Administration of International Assets

Assisting executors in getting probate and estate administered in different countries.

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Who Should Use This Service?

Executors or administrators of a deceased’s estate where the assets span across different countries and jurisdictions.


Executors or administrators will be the people (“Hirer”) hiring Immortalize for this service.

Why Do Executors Need This Service? 

Different jurisdictions have different probate processes. Instead of having to find the details, providers, and deal with these matters yourself in the midst of grief, which is time consuming and frustrating, you can outsource the work to Immortalize. 

How Does This Service Work?

1 / Engage Immortalize

You engage Immortalize and we gather more information from you.

2 / Let Immortalize Do The Work For You

We deal with everything, provide you with periodic updates, and let you know when your decision is required.


If needed, we will travel to various locations and get matters sorted on your behalf. 

How Much Does This Service Cost?

SG$3,000 base fee. Add on of SG$1,000 for each additional country that the estate has assets in. 

For example, if the deceased has assets in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, Immortalize’s Assistance for Estate Administration of International Assets fee (“Immortalize Fee”) fee will be SG$5,000.

Please note that the Immortalize fee will not include fees for travel, engagement of lawyer, probate, disbursement, government taxes and other associated with administering the estate. The Immortalize fee is solely for the purpose of engaging Immortalize to assist with the administering of the estate. 

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1 /How long does the Immortalize International Estate Administration Assistance fee last for?

For as long as it takes to administer the deceased’s estate. It could be 6 months, 2-years or more.

2 / Can Immortalize help to seek out information on assets that a deceased may have (eg bank accounts, property, etc) in the different countries?

Immortalize’s job is to coordinate. While we cannot do the job of finding the assets, we can find people who can do it. Fees will be borne by the person who hires Immortalize or the estate.

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