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A cloud-based platform to help insurance agents, financial consultants and their clients better visualize and access their insurance portfolios.
Do You Know What Your Client's Portfolio Lacks?
Do You Want to Better Convince Clients to Improve Their Portfolio?
Do You Want to Better Manage Clients' Policy Information?
MyInsurFolio is your answer to endless rejections, cold calls and infinite administrative work!

What is MyInsurFolio?

MyInsurFolio is a cloud-based platform to help you collate client information and insurance policies. Just key in the data and get a visual understanding of your clients’ overall portfolio performance. Easily identify what a client lacks and better meet their needs.

Why use MyInsurFolio?

Value-add for you & your clients​
Input the data once and manage all your clients’ policies on one single platform.
No more complicated excel spreadsheets
24/7 access for you and your clients. Easily identify what a client lacks and show visuals to better convince them to improve their portfolio.

Have clients refer family and friends to you​

Clients can assign 2 trusted individuals to access their policy details in case of emergency. No more cumbersome search or storage of documents. 

Start creating your client portfolios with MyInsurFolio+
Use our exclusive discount code "Immortalize10" and get 10% off* 
when you create your account
*1st year annual subscription fee

For more information, please visit MyInsurFolio.

For more enquiries, please WhatsApp or reach out to us at

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