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"Live each day to the fullest, live each day like it's your last
Because one day, it will be." 

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Our Story - Words From Our CEO

"Why I am committing my life to Immortalize?


I used to be a workaholic and all I had in mind was how to move up the corporate ladder. I worked 24/7 and had little passion outside of things that can propel me up the social hierarchy.


Eventually, I fell sick. Very sick.


That was the first time that I felt that my world could end – at the age of 29. At the peak of the pain, I decided to start sorting out my affairs in case I die. It was then that I realized how complicated it was to get the right information on what I’m supposed to do. In hindsight, it wasn’t that estate planning was difficult (I didn’t have much to begin with), it was the information overload and legal jargons that made the process look difficult.


Since then, I have recovered but the whole process of being sick made me realize how important time is. I left my job, seeking to do something more meaningful with the second chance in life that I got. I have been nagging my family, friends and anyone who would listen to do something more meaningful with their life. Most people know that time is precious but to fully comprehend and appreciate the value of time and want to make changes, it’s a totally different story. It’s an understanding that one gets only in face of death.


I can’t put everyone through near death situation but through Immortalize, I can help people think about death. Because when you start planning for death, that’s when you learn what's most important to you and make the most out of the life that you have now.”

-- Regina Tan, CEO, Immortalize

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