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Britney Spear’s Conservatorship Struggle: A Simple Explanation & What It Means For You

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Recently buzzing in the news are stories of Britney Spears’s struggle with conservatorship.

But what exactly is it and what’s happening there?

In the United States, a conservatorship, also known as a legal guardianship, is granted by a court for individuals who are unable to make their own decisions, like those with dementia or other mental illnesses. In simple language, if you can’t make your own decisions, the court will choose someone to make decisions for you.

In Singapore, a similar concept exists and it’s called deputyship. When the court appoints the “guardian” for you, the “guardian” is your deputy.

In Britney’s case, she was under conservatorship helmed by her father, Jamie Spears, since 2008 after several public meltdowns. Since then, her father has control over decisions regarding Britney’s money, work and life.

In June 2021, Britney officially asked the court to end her conservatorship, saying, in short, her conservatorship is “abusive” and she just wants her life back.

The story is still unfolding and there’s always two sides to the story. But one thing we learned – pick your own guardians while you still can.

In Singapore, you, your parents and your loved ones can achieve just that by doing a Lasting Power of Attorney - a document that allows you to appoint your preferred "guardian".

You never know when you may get into an accident, or lose mental capacity. By doing your Lasting Power of Attorney, you can avoid having someone you don't want to manage your finances and personal affairs, and prevent your loved ones from having to fight it out in court.

Find out more about how to do your Lasting Power of Attorney here:

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