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The Ultimate Guide to Online Wills (Singapore)

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

What Is An Online Will?

Online Wills are essentially templates where you fill in the blanks and the platform takes care of the legal language for your will. Most Online Wills have prompts and tips to guide you through the standard process and you will learn the basics of what you need to know along the way.

Generally speaking, it’s most suitable for people who don't have complicated situations or assets, very sure no one will dispute your will and have a general idea of what can and cannot be done (for example, you can’t will your CPF).

The cost starts from $0 through to $100+

Getting an Online Will done first is useful as it teaches you the basics of what you need to know, makes you think about how you want your asset distributed and flags the issues you may encounter beforehand. If and when you do see a lawyer, you already know what to expect and can spend the time and money discussing issues that really matters.

Why Use Online Wills?

There are generally three category of providers – lawyers, non-legal will writing companies and online wills. See Online Will vs Lawyer vs Non-Legal Providers: Pros & Cons.

While we recommend those with complicated situations to go to a lawyer, Online Will is a quick and cheap way to get a Will done.

What’s The Difference Between The Various Online Will Providers?

If you try searching for Online Wills, you’ll realize that there are many Online Will providers. What’s the difference between them, especially the free versus paid wills?

Generally speaking, they differ in terms of ability to customize your wishes, the number of guidance/tooltips and the user experience. The free ones may be baits to sell you something else but some paid platforms can’t even match up to the free ones.

How Do We Judge?

Most Online Wills have this structure:

- Personal Information

- Asset information

- Beneficiaries and how you want to distribute (specific gifts or by percentage)

- Executors

- Other instructions (eg funeral wishes)

- Review of Your Will

We consider these as “basic” and then score base on how far they deviate from this basic structure.

Please note that we do not judge how legal these platforms are as they can be controversial, can change over time and can be affected by the user's actions (eg manually including things like CPF which you aren’t allowed to).

We will only be looking at:

1. Usability - How easy is it to use?

Do I want to pull my hair out using the platform? Or does it have a lot of tooltips to guide me through the process and is a pretty platform so I don’t feel the morbidness of thinking about death?

2. Comprehensiveness - How much does it cover?

How much does the platform cover and how easy is it for me to customize?

Below is our rating system, the more stars a platform gets, the better it is.

User Friendliness - Based on the ability to use this platform

1 Star - This sucks! No tooltips or help of any sort

2 Stars - Below average

3 Stars - Basic

4 Stars - Helpful and attempts to make the platform welcoming

5 Stars - This is AMAZING. Makes the whole process enjoyable. Highly recommend!

Comprehensiveness of content coverage - Based on the number of things they cover and ability for customization

1 Star - Seriously, don't bother using this

2 Stars - Below average

3 Stars - Basic

4 Stars - Decent

5 Stars - A class of its own!

With this, you are now ready to view our rankings of online wills for Singapore.

If you would like your online will platform to be considered our review or have any questions/feedback, kindly reach out to us at

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this article or site should be construed as providing legal advice or advice of any sort. The information provided are general in nature and may become inaccurate over time. Please consult a professional for advice.

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