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What 74% of Gen Z Are Doing Right: Talk About Death

People between 18-24 years old are more likely to have spoken openly and comfortably about death with their friends and family compared to people who are older, according to a report by Farewill, a will writing and funeral provider in the United Kingdom, looking at attitudes towards death and how they’ve changed.

Key highlights:

  • 74% of people between 18-24 years old in the survey said they speak openly and comfortably about death with their friends and family, compared with 64% for people age 25 and above

  • A third of people said the Covid-19 pandemic made them talk more openly about death, yet people still struggle to open up conversations as they find the topic morbid and negative

  • Gen Zs were most likely to speak openly about death because of the pandemic and are less likely to say that death is morbid and makes them feel sad

  • A third of people said they want their funeral to feel like a celebration of life. Only 14% wanted a traditional funeral.

*Note: The report was conducted with people in the UK.


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