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15 May 2024

Immortalize Partners Singlife to Promote Planning For Mental Incapacity

Immortalize, Singapore’s most comprehensive elderhood marketplace, is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Singlife, a leading homegrown financial services company, and joining Singlife Care Collab, a one-stop health services hub, to promote proactive planning for mental incapacity.

Mental incapacity, a state where an individual loses the ability to make decisions for themselves due to conditions like dementia, severe injury, or other mental impairment, can be a profound challenge, not just for the individual affected, but also for their loved ones. As part of the collaboration, Immortalize will offer policyholders of Singlife Dementia Cover, a first-in-market coverage for dementia, cognitive decline and other mental health issues, the following benefits:

WOFI is a strategy-based card game designed to help individuals learn about planning for mental incapacity and other aspects of end-of-life planning in a fun and engaging way.

Immortalize Prime is a personal assistant service to help individuals sort out planning for potential mental incapacity as well as other issues related to ageing.

(Singlife Dementia Cover is currently available to Singlife CareShield and Singlife ElderShield policyholders as a complementary plan to cover severe mental disabilities.)

To further support this initiative, Immortalize will conduct webinars focusing on mental incapacity. These sessions will delve into the consequences of neglecting to plan for mental incapacity, while also highlighting available tools and proactive measures available to mitigate potential burdens that may arise in such unfortunate circumstances.

For more information on the collaboration between Singlife and Immortalize, please visit:

To explore WOFI in detail, please visit:

To learn more about Immortalize Prime, please visit:

About Immortalize

Immortalize is an elderhood marketplace and information provider. Immortalize educates people on what they need to know about legacy, eldercare, and retirement planning (collectively referred to as “Elderhood”), helps them find the right solution providers, and assists them in getting these important matters sorted easily. Immortalize makes ageing easy.

About Singlife

Singlife is a leading homegrown financial services company, offering consumers a better way to financial freedom. Through innovative, technology-enabled solutions and a wide range of products and services, Singlife provides consumers control over their financial wellbeing at every stage of their lives.

In addition to a comprehensive suite of insurance plans, employee benefits, partnerships with financial adviser channels and bancassurance, Singlife offers investment and advisory solutions through its GROW with Singlife platform. It also offers the Singlife Account, a mobile-first insurance savings plan.

Singlife is the exclusive insurance provider for the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs and Public Officers Group Insurance Scheme. Singlife is also an official signatory of the United Nations Principles for Sustainable Insurance and the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, affirming its commitment to finding a better way to sustainability.

The merger of Aviva Singapore and Singlife was announced in September 2022 and created one of the largest homegrown financial services companies in Singapore in a deal valued at S$3.2 billion. It was the largest insurance deal in Singapore at the time.

Singlife was subsequently acquired by Sumitomo Life in March 2024, one of Japan’s leading life insurers, which valued Singlife at S$4.6 billion, making the transaction one of the largest insurance deals in Southeast Asia.

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