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    CarbonBond cleverly disguises itself as an umbrella to tackle a common resistance amongst the elderly who are stigmatized when using a walking stick. Its innovation went beyond promoting mobility; it also multi-tasks as a device to improve mental and emotional capacities.




    Carbon Fiber

    Extremely light and strong tubing reduces the weight through Carbon-Fibre, enabling better handling, especially for the elderly who are frail.



    The walking stick is attached seamlessly to the umbrella. It can be detached and used separately while using the umbrella at the same time.


    Pull out the umbrella from the tip, by pressing on the spring catch. Detach the walking stick from the umbrella. Insert stick into the tip.


    Rain and Wind

    The premium honeycomb structures fabric is UV protected and can repel rain effectively. The double spring canopy construction eases handling and ensures its integrity to counter strong wind.


    Wrist Cord

    Designed to ensure that the walking stick will not obstruct the user when breaking fall. Upon sudden excessive force applied to the wrist cord, it will automatically be detached and thus reducing the chance of having the walking stick obstructing the user.


    The Anti-Slip design provides excellent traction on contact to flat surfaces. The soft pivoting joint encourages natural walking motion and reduces stress on the elbow.


    Additional Feature for Essential Handle


    The build-in Torchlight illuminates the passageway with adjustable viewing angles. The lights improve visibility for the user who needs to go to the restroom from their bed.


    Flashing Lights

    Red Flashing Lights It enables the user to be visible to other road users (car and scooters), making walking in the evening safer.



    The Manual Alarm can be triggered when it falls and attracts attention in an emergency. Some user uses this alarm to get attention from the caregiver when they need help in the toilet, and their caregiver is busy in the kitchen.


    Lithium-Ion Battery

    Build-in Lithium-Ion Battery allow easy charging with USB charging cables. Charging Time of 2 hours enables about 10 hours of lights operations




    Carbon Fiber tubing

    Honey Comb structure UV Fabric

    Safety Detachable Wrist Cord

    Umbrella with build-in Walking Stick

    Anti-Slip Self-Standing Tip



    CarbonBond (Smart Umbrella)
    Safety Detachable Wrist Cord
    Charging Cable
    User Guide



    1. Height: 83cm [32.5”]

    2. Self-Standing Tip Size: 8cm x 8cm, ID: 14mm [0.5”]

    3. Umbrella Size: 102cm (for 2 people) [40”]

    4. Box Size: 84.5cm x 16cm x 8cm [33” x 16” x 3”]

    5. Product Weight: 620g [1.4lb]


    Check out CarbonBond user guide here

    Walking Stick - CarbonBond - Essential

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