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Join Us As A Provider

Be a provider on Immortalize Marketplace - the first stop for everyone's elderhood needs. Join the revolution and get marketing exposure and sales for you and your firm.


What Is Immortalize?

We MakeInformationTransparent

​Immortalize is an elderhood marketplace and information provider.


We educate the public on ageing, retirement, legacy and other elderhood-related matters and connect them to suitable service and product providers.



​What kind of providers does Immortalize work with? 

We work with lawyers, doctors, financial planners, digital solution providers, funeral director and many others!

As long as you are targeting elderlies or people looking to plan for old age, we are the right marketplace to list your business!

What can Immortalize do for you? 

1 / Guaranteed More Clients

If not, you don't pay. 

2 / Outsource Your Marketing & Customer Service

We understand your business, explain your unique selling points to potential customers, answer any general queries and direct clients that are ready to engage to you. 

3 / Automate Your Admin Processes 

Automate and allow customers to book or buy instantly. Just plug and play!


Webinar service

1. How does the FREE webinar service work? 

  • We will work with you to organize webinars on topics of your choice. 

  • We will market your webinars at our Elderhood Planning Fairs and on our webpage for free. 

  • Once the number of sign ups reaches 20 people (or your chosen target), we will go ahead and run the webinar. If there are less than 20 signups for your webinar, we will change your webinar to a later date and continue promoting it. 

  • Immortalize will host the webinar on our zoom webinar platform and manage everything for you. You just need to provide the content and speaker. 

  • For lead generation fee-paying providers - Attendees are considered lead generated and Immortalize will bill you your lead generation fee accordingly. We will pass you the details of the attendees. Consent will be obtained during signup.

  • For success fee-paying providers - Any sales generated from the webinar will be subjected to your applicable success fee. We will pass you the details of the attendees. Consent will be obtained during signup.

2. What does it mean to put flyers at our Elderhood Experiential Shop's Shopfront?

​Our Elderhood Experiential Shop is where people can come and test out different products and enquire about services that can help them age better. You can get effortless exposure to the visitor flow of the shop and the mall by booking an advertising space at our shop for SG$100/month. 

What's included: 

  • We will put your flyer at our shopfront's flyer rack for a month

  • Receive a report on how many flyers were taken in the first week of each new month


  • Minimum commitment period is 1 month.

  • Each booking entitles you to put marketing materials that are at most A4 in size. If your marketing material is larger than an A4 paper, please book multiple slots. 

Experiential Shop

Currently Available Shopfront Locations

Katong Shopping Centre, East Coast

865 Mountbatten Rd, #B1-53, Singapore 437844

Nestled in the prime Katong residential estate in East Coast, Katong Shopping Centre, Singapore's first air-conditioned mall, is home to Immortalize's first Elderhood Experiential Shop. 

Besides having a good flow of affluent matured ageing adults as visitors thanks to its superb location and the housing of several famous eateries, the ageing mall was picked as a statement to how Immortalize is making ageing, a commonly shunned and avoided topic, exciting. 

Join us in the revolution!

Speak to us now.

Let's discuss how we can collaborate and grow together!

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