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Singlife and Immortalize are joining forces to create greater awareness on the importance of planning for one's potential mental incapacity (if you can't make decisions for yourself).

Why Plan for Potential Mental Incapacity?

Imagine a day when you are not able to speak for or can’t make decisions for yourself because of an illness like dementia or an unexpected accident. Who should make decisions for you? How should the person make personal, healthcare, and financial decisions for you? Does the person know what your preferences are?

Give Yourself A Say When You Can't


Preparing for mental incapacity in advance gives you a say on how your affairs should be managed, eases the burden on your family to make tough decisions and avoids unnecessary, complex, time-consuming, and often costly process of court interventions.


A Safety Net For Yourself


Planning for mental incapacity is like putting a safety net in place. It is an act of kindness and responsibility towards yourself and your loved ones, and can secure your welfare and dignity in challenging times.  

How to Get Started on Planning for Mental Incapacity?


Discover Tools

Play Will of Fortune by Immortalize and learn about the tools that can help you prepare for potential mental incapacity in a fun way!


Understand Tools

Join our webinars or read articles to learn about how these tools work and relate to each other


Get Started

Sign up for our Prime Concierge Service and let us coordinate all these legal and medical documents for you!

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The Harsh Truth of Mental Incapacity

In today's world, even if you are sick or physically disabled, as long as your mind is active, it is very likely that you can continue to support yourself through jobs that allows you to work from home. The moment you lose mental capacity, that's when you are likely going to be completely reliant on others.

Benefits for Singlife Policy Holders

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Will of Fortune by Immortalize

The fun way to learn about legacy planning.

Will of fortune by Immortalize ("WOFI") is an immersive strategy card game that helps you master legacy planning in a fun and engaging way.

Play as one of the 9 unique personas, each with their own backstory, personality and distinctive special power. Take on the task of protecting the main character Peter Devan's lifelong legacy before he runs out of time. Strategize your moves, sabotage, or collaborate with other players - your choice in every round matters.

As the game progresses, discover tools used for legacy planning and learn how you can plan ahead in real life. 

Singlife Dementia Cover policyholder exclusive:

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Concierge Desk

30% off for Singlife Dementia Cover Policyholders!

Prime Concierge Service

Your Elderhood planning personal assistant

Similar to why people hire wedding or event coordinators, sometimes it's just easier to outsource the work and get someone experienced to help us coordinate everything, preempt problems, suggest what's best for us and ensure that your plan of having a dignified elderhood is done properly. 


Our Prime Concierge Service helps you get your Will, Lasting Power of Attorney, Advance Care Plan, Advance Medical Directive and other legacy, retirement and eldercare issues sorted.  

Singlife Dementia Cover policyholder exclusive:

Use the Singlife X Immortalize coupon code provided to you at checkout and get 30% off all Prime plan orders! 

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