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Open to all financial advisors, wealth managers, traders, investment bankers and other professionals in the finance industry

Sign up using your work email from the bank, insurer or other finance-related companies

Open to all University, Polytechnic and other students undergoing tertiary education

Sign up using your University, Polytechnic and tertiary education email

WOFI Championship
- General

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WOFI Championship
- Finance Professionals League

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WOFI Championship
- Tertiary Education League

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1. Can I sign up for more than one WOFI Championship? 

Yes, you can sign up for the WOFI general championships and the other relevant WOFI Regional Championships. However, if you win all, you only have one slot at the WOFI Championship Grand Finals. Good Luck!  

2. Is there a way for companies or organizations to collaborate with Immortalize on WOFI Championships or WOFI in general? 

Yes. Please reach out to us at to schedule a time to chat or check out our WOFI partnerships page.


PS: You are likely to get more information by reaching out to us directly!

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