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Will of Fortune by Immortalize 
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Will of Fortune by Immortalize is a collective effort to help break down the taboo of talking about end-of-life and legacy planning, and getting people to do theirs.


We are constantly seeking providers in the end-of-life, estate, legacy and elderhood planning industry to work with on current and future versions of the game.


Whether you want to:

  • Co-brand the game with us;

  • Create a version that is specific to your company and causes;

  • Collaborate on future versions of the game; 

  • Get involved in WOFI Championships; or

  • Help us promote & get paid commissions through our affiliate program

We have something for you. Reach out, partner with us and let us help you generate leads and educate your potential clients on the importance of you and your work. 


Contact us here or email us at and let us send you more information on how we can work with you. 

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